Contadd Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy, private information and respective rights of those using the digital marketing and advertising services Contadd offers (“Services”). This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) involves you (“You”, “Your”) and accompanies the appropriate Terms of Use.

Contadd has established this Policy in order to set out the rules which relate to the different types of information collected by Contadd, and the ways and methods through which this information will be governed and used. This Policy is expected to change at any time, according to the appropriate legal provisions with respect to the protection of Your privacy. We will provide notice of the last updated date of this policy. We advise You to check the Policy from time to time to ensure that You agree to its provisions.

Collection of Information

1. Contadd collects non-personal information (“Non-personal Information”) regarding the Users through the use of available tracking technologies. Non-personal Information does not identify You and You therefore remain anonymous. Non-personal Information includes in general, data such as: IP addresses, click-throughs, impressions, information in relation to Your interaction with the Services and information on the webpages and information You have viewed through the different Services.

2. It is expressly provided that the Non-personal Information gathered cannot be used to personally identify You.

3. Contadd does not collect personal information (“Personal Information”), which can be used to identify You personally. Such information includes Your name, email, home and business addresses, home, business and mobile telephone numbers, and credit card details.

4. The only instance where Contadd will collect Personal Information is through optional, voluntary submissions, such as email, survey information, and online registration forms. According to the activity in question, the types and amount of Personal Information collected will vary. In any instance, it is expressly provided that Contadd will not collect Personal Information unless You are asked to provide Your express consent to such event.

5. The collection of both Personal and Non-personal Information by Contadd is done in accordance with the purpose for which it is necessary and required, as explained in the following chapter of this Policy.

6. With respect to both Personal and Non-personal Information collected, Contadd states that she will abide to the appropriate legal provisions of notifying relevant governmental authorities, for the gathering of such information.

Use of Information

7. The use of Non-personal Information is done in general with the purpose of helping Contadd in the offering of premium Services. Contadd collects and uses Non-personal Information in order to record and support Your participation and accordingly enhance the quality of the Services. Non-personal Information shall be used to provide statistics as to the usage of the Services. These statistics shall be used internally as well as externally for marketing and statistical purposes. In such case, the information shall be presented in general conclusions without personally identifying You, so that Contadd can reach some conclusions as to the use of its Services, improve them for its Clients and You, and promote them to future Clients.Non-personal Information may also be used by Contadd in order to provide targeted content to You which aims to enhance Your participation.

8. Personal Information on the other hand shall be collected solely for the purpose for which it is asked and forwhich You will have consented to. Specific terms and policy provisions may apply to each relevant case and it is Your responsibility to ensure that You agree to the terms and policies in each instance.

9. Contadd also collects and may use both Personal and Non-personal Information, as deemed necessary, in order to ensure compliance and/or to enforce the legal obligations that stem out of the acceptance of the Terms of Use. For example, Contadd may need to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities and/or violations of the Terms of Use, or register and respond to any possible rights on Your behalf, to technical support claims, or to customer service requests, questions and concerns over this Policy and Terms.


10. Cookies are text files that are stored to Your browsers, both on computers and mobile devices, so as to enable certain actions and provide a more efficient and customizable experience. Contadd uses Cookies solely with respect to mobile Services.

Use of Information by Third Parties

11. Contadd may share the Non-personal Information with its Clients for the purposes previously explained.

12. Use of Personal Information by third parties is only allowed as expressly provided by law, or an official government authority, or where it is in the public’s interest. In any case, the sharing of Personal Information with other third parties will only be available in the event Contadd expressly requires Your prior consent.

13. In the event Contadd requires assistant from third parties with respect to the processing and analysis of information, the authorised third parties are bound to confidentiality with respect to the information provided to them. These authorised third parties will be required to protect the data, in a manner which is consistent with this Policy.

14. It must be noted that the Services may be used in conjunction with other third party applications, web pages or services, for which Contadd cannot be held liable. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the respective policies of other third parties are in accordance to Your personal preferences.

15. Without limitation to these provisions, it should be noted that Contadd cannot fully control the use of information by third parties, as there may be instances where Clients work with other third parties, and accordingly cannot be held liable for such instances.


16. Contadd takes all appropriate measures to provide security in relation to the storing of information and to ensure that data will not be lost or misused.

17. Although necessary precautions are taken to ensure the security of information, it must be noted that security cannot be guaranteed over the web.

You can request a copy of the information Contadd keeps about You and correct any inaccurate information, by emailing Contadd at [email protected]

For any notices or complaints with regard to this Policy, You can contact Contadd at [email protected]. We will respond to all claims within 30 days. In Your email please describe in as much detail as possible, the ways in which You believe that this Policy has not been complied with, so as to allow us to promptly investigate Your complaint.

Last updated, 14 December 2015